The New Department of Social Services (DSS)

With the new Coalition Government there have been some significant changes to the Department and sector. For your information we have provided links to the following information.

The Administrative Arrangements Order where you will find the information about the responsibilities of the Department of Social Services in Part 16.


Matters dealt with by the Department

Ageing research
Income security and support policies and programmes for families with children, carers, the aged, people with disabilities and people in hardship
Income support policies for students and apprentices
Services for families with children, people with disabilities and carers
Services for older people, including their carers
Policy for and promotion of active ageing, other than employment policy
Community mental health
Community support services
Family relationship, Family and Children’s Support Services
Social housing, rent assistance and homelessness
Child support policy
Housing affordability
Services to help people with disabilities obtain employment
Arrangements for the settlement of migrants and humanitarian entrants, other than migrant child and migrant adult education
Non-profit sector and volunteering
Multicultural affairs

For the full list including the legislation administered by the Minister please visit

Administrative Arrangements Order made on 18 September 2013

The Department of Social Services Organisational Chart showing the transitional structure of the department.

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