Multicultural SA Realignment

As of 15 May 2013, Multicultural SA will join with the Policy and Community Development Division of the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSl), under the leadership of Executive Director Sue Wallace.

This move will align Multicultural SA with the Office for Youth, the Office for Volunteers and the Office for Carers, areas which share a primary focus on community engagement, grant funding and community and sector development. Importantly, these changes will result in efficiencies that will make available extra funding for multicultural grants to support communities.

Multicultural SA’s Interpreting and Translating Centre will join the Youth Justice, Community Engagement and Organisational Support Division of DCSl, under Executive Director Peter Bull. This will allow the Centre to take advantage of the business and administrative expertise within that Division.

Overall, the changes will mean that Multicultural SA is better positioned to serve multicultural communities in South Australia, through greater access to new resources, knowledge and expertise. These changes will also bring increased opportunities for multicultural communities to influence across-government planning, including a greater reach into regional communities.

Multicultural SA will continue to retain a distinct presence within the department and the wider community. Contact details remain unchanged, including the website, and email address

Similarly, you can visit the Interpreting and Translating Centre’s website,, or email Enquiries regarding the Multicultural Grants Scheme should still be directed to

If you have specific enquiries about these changes, please contact Sue Wallace on Multicultural SA can be contacted on 8226 1944.