Network for CALD Ageing Services

Multicultural Aged Care convenes the Network of CALD Ageing Services (NCAS) meetings once a quarter. NCAS provides an opportunity for coordinators of programs, workers, leaders and managers to increase their knowledge about the needs and priorities of CALD older people; learn about and explore the best practice ways to access resources and integrate culturally appropriate aged and community care practices into their everyday program and service delivery and activities.

The Network of CALD Ageing Services aims to increase the capacity of staff working directly in aged and community care service provision and the Aged Care Sector to work with CALD community groups, CALD consumers, and peak bodies.

NCAS promotes access to information and training, sharing of information and resources and facilitates networking, collaborations and partnerships across the aged and community care sector.

Meeting Papers

  • Provide a forum for the sharing of information and resources for organisations that provide services to CALD clients
  • Provide a forum for networking and information exchange on better practice processes for managing services to CALD clients
  • Identify and respond to learning and development needs of coordinators and managers of programs
  • Provide peer support and mentoring to coordinators and managers

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