Culture, Values and Attitudes Webinar Series

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In 2021-2022 we are inviting you to participate in live training sessions (and later, watch the recordings of this series of webinars) based on one of MAC’s pool of resources: Culture, Values & Attitudes’ factsheet.

This series of webinars are informative and interactive. Each webinar will chronologically unpack one section of the factsheet within the context of culturally appropriate care provision and, meeting the Aged Care Quality Standards requirements.

Each section will explore, ask targeted question, offer prompts, and encourage the participants to complete their own self-reflection journey. Participants will be given tools to practice and expand their skills and competencies regarding effective communication with service users/ care recipients/ residents/ patients.

Each webinar will include:

  • a range of exemplary resources from the MAC library collection
  • explanations on how to build and further enhance conversations (including assessment, reassessment, service/care plan development and adjustments)
  • information on responding to older people’s needs, expectations and evolving health conditions in a timely, quality and responsive manner.


The overarching methodology of these webinars combines a theoretical framework and practical strategies underpinning:

  • principles of cultural safety
  • cultural intelligence (CQ) theory and MAC 4 As Model
  • cultural competency development –knowledge, skills and strategies
  • hands-on examples, scenarios and activities
  • a range of recommended resources available from the MAC Library


Who should attend? The webinars are designed for use by:

  • service, support and care providers from residential, home care and CHSP services
  • team leaders and staff working directly with older people (staff training and professional development)
  • professionals responsible for meeting aged care quality standards
  • policy makers and writers


Anticipated learning outcomes:

  • improved capacity to deliver culturally appropriate care targeting CALD specific needs, expectations and understandings of aged care
  • improved access to information and resources on CQ, cultural competency, culturally appropriate care and CALD perspectives
  • define and plan for continuous improvement opportunities
  • develop strategies to identify and address gaps


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