Multicultural Learning and Development

Multicultural Learning and Development (MLD) provides information, training and resources to assist culturally appropriate (targeted and responsive) service provision to all people from diverse multicultural backgrounds.

The theoretical foundation of our work is Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences and following works by Earley, Ang and Van Dye on Cultural Intelligence*.

We have gone a step further and developed a user friendly training model based on these psychology and social sciences theories. It has proven successful, resulting in various organisations implementing it as an effective and relevant Cultural Intelligence understanding tool.

We have called it the 4As Model and continue to receive requests from organisations to deliver this training.

MLD Consultants / Training Officers are a tertiary qualified and experienced team of multicultural/multilingual workforce – people experienced at resources development and training sessions facilitation and delivery.

Our professional expertise is predominantly from the Aged Care sector and this has highlighted that cultural intelligence approach is not limited to age, disability and cultural backgrounds. Over the years, due to increasing demand, training has extended into community services area where care is broad in terms of those accessing it e.g. palliative care provision for all age groups, dementia care provision for people diagnosed with early onset dementia, etc.  This has positioned us with additional perspectives as well as working within strict guidelines and protocol i.e. accreditation standards, accountability to funding bodies and abiding by Government policies – all to be analysed and taken into account to ensure better practice approach.

So, yes, it has proven useful to be working in the Aged Care sector – both non-profit and for-profit organisations.

We now have formed an all-encompassing division called Multicultural Learning and Development, to be able to reach a broader spectrum of need.

Based on 20+ years of expertise, MLD offer a combination of theoretical background, resources and research–based bibliography and interactive workshop/training sessions to equip your organisation with a toolkit of practical solutions, to increase your ability to work effectively in a world of increasing cultural diversity.

* Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is ability to work effectively in culturally diverse environments.

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The Training Schedule is now available.

Please contact the MLD team for more information about the schedule, or to organise a training session for your organisation.

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