Introducing Cafe 94! MAC’s new multicultural Social Support Program for over 65s

Introducing Café 94

MAC’s New Multicultural Social Support Program

MAC’s Café 94 is an initiative funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services Home Support Program. Café 94 is an activity – based, multicultural, social support program aimed at people over 65 years of age.

MAC is delighted to be able to work more closely with the sector in addressing the identified gaps in the social support needs of older service users, from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. This complementary program is aimed at providing older CALD people with opportunities to actively engage, share and connect with others from a range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Café 94 Sessions

Venue 1: MAC: 94 Henley Beach Road, Mile End
Venue 2: Cooinda Neighbourhood Centre: Sturt Road, Sturt.

WHEN: Tuesdays 10am to 12.30pm

HOW OFTEN: Monthly


Includes: morning tea & light lunch

Transport: Available, bookings essential

Sector stakeholders have identified a number of gaps in services for older, active, CALD people including: participation in group activity-based gatherings to minimise social isolation; transport; engagement with multicultural activities; sharing with persons from diverse cultures; undertaking planned targeted activities which are service user driven and meets particular social needs and aspirations. Early feedback has indicated the following cultural activities may be well received; these include, but are not limited to:

  • Coffee, cake, craft and conversation;
  • Preparing and tasting foods from a range of cultures;
  • Cultural music, dance and celebrations;
  • Health, wellbeing and fitness;
  • Guest speakers who demonstrate an understanding of CALD perspectives;
  • Games from a range of cultures.

Please contact Multicultural Aged Care (MAC) by telephoning (08) 8241 9900 during office hours, 9am to 5pm, for further information. Alternatively, please visit our website or email Donna Young, Support Services Coordinator

Venue 1: MAC
Venue 2: Cooinda Neighbourhood Centre