Important Announcement from DSS about Commonwealth Home Support Programme Transition arrangements

Dear  CALD HACC funded programmes

We want to advise you that the Australian Government has today announced  that all HACC  funded programs will be extended to 31 October 2015 ,to assist with the transition arrangements to the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).

You would all have received direct communications from the Department of Social Services about this and your particular HACC services.

In brief MAC wanted to ensure that you are all aware of this recent announcement, and as always MAC will support and assist the CALD HACC sector.

MAC will convene a meeting of all CALD HACC funded programs in the New Year, 2015 , to provide an opportunity to discuss the programmes and ensure your participation in these new developments.

This announcement of the extension to all HACC programmes to 31 October 2015 means that CALD HACC funded programmes will continue as you are delivering services.

The Department of Social Services will in early 2015 do a number of things;

  • Brief the sector about the  Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP),
  • Provide consultation opportunities  to comment on the Programme manual , fees policy , the questionnaire about counselling Support , Information and Advocacy services for carers, and care recipients, and Sector Support and Development activities.
  • Extend agreements to 31 October 2015 and grant negotiations and  new offers.

An Overview of Today’s Announcement
From 1 July 2015
The Commonwealth Home Care Support Programme will bring together the:

  • Commonwealth Home and Community Care (HACC) Program
  • National Respite for  Carers Program (NRCP)
  • Day Therapy Centres(DTC) Program
  • Assistance with Care and Housing for the Aged  (ACHA) Program

Key points:

  • Regional Assessment Services and the  Commonwealth Home Support Programme will commence 1 July 2015.
  • Funding for existing National Respite for Carers Program  , Day Therapy and HACC in-scope services will be continued for  2 years to 30  June 2017, including an initial transition period to Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)
  • Existing HACC carer support funding agreements will be extended until broader review of Carer Support is completed sometime in 2015.
  • Existing HACC agreements for care recipient and carer, counselling, information, support and advocacy will be extended until 31 October 2015 while these activities are reviewed.
  • Existing HACC agreements for assessment, case management and  client care coordination will cease as of 1 July 2015.  Where providers have previously made a case that those services have been misclassified in their existing agreement, the Commonwealth may reclassify some of those funds.
  • Existing HACC agreements for sector support and development activities will be extended to 31 October 2015 while they are reviewed.
  • Existing clients will be grandfathered.
  • New draft fees policy, draft programme manual will be available early 2015 with opportunities for sector consultation.

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From All of Us at MAC, we wish you all a very Happy Holidays and a Bright New Year 2015

Looking forward to seeing and working with you all in 2015!!!