Identifying My Aged Care barriers for CALD older people

Partners in Culturally Appropriate Care (PICAC) NSW & ACT is pleased to announce the launch of the PICAC, My Aged Care CALD Accessibility Project, funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.

This two year project will specifically identify and target the barriers that culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) older people experience when accessing the My Aged Care Gateway. The My Aged Care CALD Accessibility Project will assist the Department of Health to develop strategies that will support both established and emerging CALD communities in navigating the aged care system.

 “The successful uptake of The My Aged Care Reforms for people from culturally and linguistically diverse groups will only be realised if they are underpinned by the concepts of cultural and linguistic responsiveness, inclusiveness and sensitivity.  It is vitally important that this project identifies the current barriers which are faced by the elderly CALD communities of Australia. The project will develop recommendations which will lead to a sustained building of the capacity and knowledge about aged care services for our elderly CALD consumers Australia-wide.”

Cecilia Milani, PICAC NSW & ACT Manager

The project will involve working collaboratively with various organisations and stakeholders in high CALD demographic areas. This will be conducted through a series of national surveys, CALD community focus groups and consultations.

A key promotional initiative for the project will be PICAC NSW & ACT’s upcoming CALDWays 2016 forum, scheduled to take place in Canberra in mid-June.

If you would like to provide feedback about the My Aged Care Gateway or register your interest to attend or speak at CALDWays 2016, please contact:

Anna Smith
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
02 4227 4222
Mon-Fri | 9am-5pm

Cristina Hurley
Project Officer
0417 995 034
Mon-Fri | 9am-5pm