‘I loved it!’  CiA participants


CEquality v Equityulture in Ageing (CiA) – ‘Memories in December’-

What a fantastic end to the year!  As the name invokes, ‘investigation’ and ‘uncovering’ and ‘acquiring information’, so too another successful CiA workshop was eagerly received.

  • What December means to us and people around us?
  • Is it a religious or secular celebration for me?
  • What we remember about the festive season celebrations?
  • What are the sounds, pictures, smells that take me back to this particular time of the year?
  • How long does the festive season last for me?
  • Which day is the most significant for me?
  • When did I receive my presents?
  • Who brought me my presents – Father Christmas, St. Nicholas, Agios Vasilis, La Befana or someone else?

The day started with Shannon showcasing resources and sharing many links and possible activities for CALD older people. A combination of theoretical background (National Ageing and Aged Care Strategy for people from CALD backgrounds, RACF Standards, Reminiscence and Reversion theory, MAC’s 4A’s Model, Montessori principles and how they apply to aged care in both community services and residential settings) and lively interactive discussions about what and how celebrations in December differ in their meanings and activities for each of us encapsulated the day.

Information sharing did not stop! Lunch was ‘a buzz’ with more stories of experiences and memories and it was soon evident that each person’s diversity was the catalyst for continuing investigation and exploration. Following lunch the participants were captivated by two interesting guest speakers talking about their unique memories; Edwin shared the Filipino perspective while Elaine told us about the Russian Molokan Christian religion and her memories of December.

Practical, hands-on, ready to use activities, a colourful and informative presentation of various resources and handy links, all embedded in a festive season and various cultural traditions and celebrations gave the participants new suggestions and methodologies of; engaging and building a rapport with their consumers,  discovering personal information, invoking meaningful memories, encouraging social interaction, understanding that you cannot treat everyone the same but rather treat them equitably and many more identified positive outcomes.