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Progressive Financial Accountability Report (FAR) for non-government organisations

March 8, 2013

These are now available under the ‘manage reports’ tab of the portal for HACC organisations required to submit a Progressive FAR by 31 March 2013. If your organisation is expecting to complete a Progressive eFAR under the Commonwealth HACC Program and these reports are not appearing in the Portal, please contact the Commonwealth HACC Program Service Provider Helpdesk on 1800 057 616.
The FAR User Guide for the Commonwealth HACC Program has also been updated and is available under the ‘general resources tab’. This provides information about the HACC FAR requirements. A HACC System Manual to assist in completing the eFAR is also now available under the ‘general resources’ tab.
Service providers expecting a significant underspend or under delivery of services in 2012-13, are reminded that it is a requirement to notify the department of this. Providers not required to submit a Progressive eFAR who anticipate a significant underspend, should contact the Commonwealth Liaison Officer.

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