Culture in Ageing (CiA): My Christmas, My Culture

What is Culture in Ageing?  MAC has developed a new workshop series called Culture in Ageing, in other words the CiA!

The new CiA workshop is a combination of our Lifestyle and Respite Coordinator Network (LaRC) and Culture and Diversity Education Training (CaDET) Network.  LaRC workshops were designed to assist Lifestyle coordinators and others in Aged Care facilities to provide leisure and recreational activities that are culturally appropriate to their residents. CaDET forums were about   information sharing and resources that provide support for educational trainings of workers in the community.  Combining these two network meetings together into a workshop would add more substance in providing culturally appropriate activities and service delivery r which includes sharing of information and resources for organisations that deliver services to CaLD clients.

The inaugural CiA session, ‘My Christmas, My Culture‘ was held on Thursday, 6th December, 2012 facilitated by MAC’s Senior Project Officer, Nina Telford.

Sandy Ma,  a student placement at MAC, conducted  a Christmas Quiz session  to the participants which they found  fun and interesting. Sandy asked  participants a lot of True or False questions regarding Christmas traditions, with the ‘twist’ being some curious questions that were hard to discern whether they were true or not.

The afternoon program was followed by three guest speakers who spoke about Australian Christmas within their own culture.  Vicki Kanakaris from the Greek Welfare Centre gave an interesting power point presentation of what Christmas means to most Greek people in Australia including her own personal experienced.  Will Nieman from Dutch Aged Care, a relative new comer to Australia lament about missing a ‘white Christmas’ in her new adopted land. Thuy Nguyen from Vietnamese Women’s Association shared her experience of what Christmas means in a Vietnamese family.  These detailed and interactive presentations on how people from other cultures celebrate their own Christmas in South Australia were greatly appreciated and which the participants were able to relate in their own lives.

The highlight of the afternoon, was when Vicki and Kom (from the Greek Welfare Centre), concluded our Christmas CiA session with some Christmas Carols. These were  beautifully sung in Greek without any musical accomplishment  The group was  also  able to join in a couple of rousing sing-a-long  when they were in English.

Thus MAC’s first CiA session was a real success and concluded with beautiful singing and joyful laughter to last us all through into 2013.

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