Consultations about My Aged Care

The Department of Social Services will be conducting consultations about My Aged Care during April and May 2014.

My Aged Care commenced on 1 July 2013 and is a key element of the Australian Government’s aged care reforms. Reforms will help make our aged care system more efficient, more flexible, and easier for those who need care and those who provide care. Over time, people will have more choice, easier access and better care. My Aged Care is one of the benefits being delivered as part of the Australia Government’s reforms to the aged care system.

The My Aged Care website and phone number currently assist people to navigate the aged care system by providing a clear entry point to access aged care information and services. The Department has been working with a number of assessors, service providers, peak bodies and state and territory governments to design the next stage of My Aged Care.

The consultations are targeting assessors, service providers, peak bodies and government representatives with an interest in hearing about, and providing feedback on, the proposed new functionality for My Aged Care.

The consultation will step you through:

  • the rationale for introducing My Aged Care;
  • current and future My Aged Care capabilities;
  • My Aged Care service pathways; and
  • a demonstration of the My Aged Care Proof of Concept (PoC).

The PoC is a mock-up of a section of the My Aged Care system, designed to help us visualise how changes to policy, procedures and technology will impact users and stakeholders. The focus of the PoC demonstration is on the screening, assessment and referral processes that will be used by the My Aged Care contact centre staff, assessors and service providers. The PoC allows road-testing and refinement of concepts before decisions about the IT infrastructure to support My Aged Care are made.

Download the Invitation to Consultations about My Aged Care with the links and password to register. RSVP closes on 9 April 2014.