CHSP workforce vaccination data now available online – Department of Health

Workforce vaccination data reported by all Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) providers via the My Aged Care portal is now available on the department’s website.

The public reporting lists each CHSP provider and reports on the percentage of workers ‘partially vaccinated’ (first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine) and ‘fully vaccinated’ (two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine).

Workforce vaccination data reported by home care and residential aged care are already available on the website.

Suppression techniques have been applied to the data which will be banded into ranges (e.g. 90-100% of workers are partially vaccinated).  The range used is determined by the number of workers at each outlet:

  • providers with less than 5 staff are listed as having “confidentiality applied” and no data is reported
  • 5-10 staff have a 50% banding (i.e. 0-49.9% and 50-100%)
  • 11-15 staff have 33% banding
  • 16-20 staff have 20% banding
  • more than 20 staff have 10% banding.

The data is presented as a downloadable Excel spreadsheet, and will be updated weekly to reflect data reported by providers via My Aged Care (in accordance with the mandatory weekly reporting cycle).

Currently, 96% per cent of home care and 93% per cent of CHSP workers are reported as having received a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. 88% per cent of home care and 87% of CHSP workers are reported as now being double vaccinated.

It is critical to ensure your workforce reporting is 100 per cent by the deadline for double dose vaccination as specified in your respective state or territory public health directions.

Source: Department of Health, Protecting Older Australians newsletter