CHSP Digital Landing Page – reablement resources

Following consultation with the aged care sector, the Department of Health has designed a suite of products for Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) organisations to better understand, embed, and to practically apply wellness and reablement into CHSP service delivery practices.

The Digital Landing Page provides a single point of access for CHSP organisations to locate Australian Government endorsed information. Reablement resources published on the Digital Landing Page include the:

  • CHSP Community of Practice
  • CHSP Reablement Training modules
  • Introductory Podcasts about Wellness and Reablement to supplement the training modules
  • CHSP Change Management Strategy, which includes:
    • Practical Guidance for CHSP Support Workers
      • Principles of wellness and reablement
      • Principles for goal setting
      • More good days wellness wheel
      • Care planning checklist
      • Conversational tips
      • Identifying opportunities for reablement
      • Service delivery reflection template
    • Toolkit for CHSP Organisational Change
      • Principles of wellness and reablement
      • Organisation self-assessment tool
      • Wellness and reablement change management plan
      • Organisation culture checklist
      • Standard operating procedure template
      • Continuous improvement template

All CHSP organisations can access the reablement digital landing page on the department’s website.

Source: Department of Health