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Doctors must now prescribe drugs using their chemical name, not brand names. That’s good news for patients

From today (February 1), when you receive a prescription in Australia, it will list the name of the medication’s active ingredient rather than the brand name. So, for example, instead of receiving a prescription for Ventolin, your script will say “salbutamol”.

This national legislation change, called active ingredient prescribing, is long overdue for Australian health care.

Using the name of the drug — instead of the brand name, of which there are often many — will simplify how we talk about and use medications.

This could have a range of benefits, including fewer medication errors by both doctors and patients.

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CHSP Digital Landing Page – reablement resources

Following consultation with the aged care sector, the Department of Health has designed a suite of products for Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) organisations to better understand, embed, and to practically apply wellness and reablement into CHSP service...

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Office for Ageing Well Community Grants Open

I am writing to let you know that Office for Ageing Well Community Grants 2020-21 are open. The grants are the first since we released South Australia’s Plan for Ageing Well 2020-25 last year. Our grants will fund initiatives reflecting the South Australian...

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